About Us


CPASGhana is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and girls in Nsawam, Ghana. In 2011 CPASGhana began by making small loans to a select group of women. In 2012 we expanded our work to include the School Girl Sponsorship Program, an effort to keep girls in school who are at risk of dropping out or who are taken out to work. School supplies and school uniforms, sewn by local seamstresses, are provided to each sponsored girl. The progress of each girl is monitored by our staff as well as support given to them and their families to insure the girls’ continued success in school.

OUR MISSION: CPASGhana strives to create a thriving local economy where education, health care, economic development, clean water housing and renewable energy is available to all. We become an interconnected localized community, while honoring cultural traditions and the earth.

Founding Story
Priscilla Jeffery founded CPASGhana in 2011, after her retirement from teaching. During her many years in the classroom, she has witnessed how education positively affects the lives of children and their families. After meeting with community members in Nsawam, Ghana, where CPAS was established, she found that girls were taken out of school before boys to work, carry water or take care of younger siblings.

Girls who leave school at a young age are more likely to get pregnant young, have fewer job skills and will be caught in the cycle of poverty. The more years of education a girl receives results in delaying pregnancy, having fewer children and educating the ones they have. They will also be better prepared for a job or self-employment.

CPASGhana Program Timeline

_ A Microfinance Program for the market women in Nsawam was established.
– Due to the high illiteracy rate of our original Microfinance clients, we offered literacy classes to the women we worked with. They declined, asking instead that their children have a chance of an education.

– The School Girls Sponsorship Program was launched. We sponsored 41 girls at two of the poorest government schools in Nsawam, providing books and uniforms. The uniforms were sewn by one of our loan clients.

– We sponsored 61 girls at the two schools in Nsawam and provided schools supplies as well as books and uniforms and paid their school fees.

– This is the first year we sponsored Junior High girls and we covered fees so they could attend a school program.

– Knitting4Peace donated 200 hand knit dolls, which we distributed to three schools and a hospital pediatric ward.

– We sponsored 75 girls in three schools. Our local staff also added school and home visits in order to provide support and counseling for the girls and their families to ensure their success in school.

– Three of our sponsored girls were chosen to attend College of Ama, a three week summer program which promotes personal growth, self-esteem, discipline, respect for others and collective responsibility and build the capacities of young girls to achieve higher education.


– Established after-school Science Clubs for Girls program including teacher training with our partner organization The Exploratory.


- Several of our oldest students entered high school this year. 

-Connie Chow of The Exploratory conducted a STEM teacher training assisted by founder, Priscilla Jeffery. Our teachers were so enthusiastic that they became trainers for the other teachers back at their home schools. All of the sponsored girls attend the science clubs set up by these teachers.


CPASGhana is a small locally run grassroots organization with minimal administrative costs. Your donation goes directly to our education project.