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Tell us about your interests & expertise. Ask how you can help and learn more about CPASGhana. We rely heavily on volunteers and we are are looking for people who can offer assistance in the following areas:

Fundraising, Social Media & Website Expertise, Partnerships with US colleges/universities, Educational Partnerships and Teacher Training, Establishing School Libraries, School Building Improvements, Legal Advice, Partnerships with other NGO’s working in Ghana on Healthcare, Sanitation, Clean Water or Small Sustainable Agricultural Projects.



While any size donation is appreciated, here is an idea of how the funds are distributed:
$150 – Sponsors a Middle School girl for a year
$110 – Sponsors an Elementary school girl
$50 – Middle School textbooks for one girl
$50 – After school classes for one student
$30 – School Uniform
$20 – School supplies
$10 – Books for an elementary school girl
$$ – Your best gift

"Education is extremely beneficial for all children in Ghana, but especially for young girls."


With access to education through high school, a girl is less likely to marry at a young age. When she decides to start a family, she is more likely to have fewer, healthier children, educate them, breaking the cycle of poverty. She will also be more able to contribute to her family’s income and be involved in the decision-making process in the home.


The education of all children is one of the best ways to eradicate poverty. The costs of educating children in need are very low compared to other forms of development aid, the returns are higher and last a lifetime.


Education is a proven way to effectively lift families out of poverty and empower people to fulfill their highest potential. The children of Africa are its greatest untapped resource, and they are a resource that, if properly educated, will break the continent free of the binds that tie them down.



Nsawam is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana 37 km from the capital Accra. It is an agricultural community of 120,000. It is the largest town and marketplace for the area.

This community has the potential to be an example of successful, sustainable development because of its agriculture and regional market. People are engaged in small businesses such as farming, selling foodstuffs, bread baking, various trades and small-scale food processing. With the ability to access education and training, community members will be able to improve their standard of living for themselves and their children.  




Our logo, the oil palm, drawn by Ghanaian artist Kofi Nduro, represents the unique contribution needed of each person when working together towards a more vibrant, varied and stronger community, just as each part of the oil palm has value to Ghanaian people and is used in every day life.

Oil Palm Logo.jpg


Become a donor, and help CPASGhana reach its goal of providing quality education and keep more girls in the Tieku and Sakyi Agyakawa Schools in Nsawam, Ghana.


"I will be able to stay in school and learn skills I need to succeed in my community."
- Alice, 6th Grade, Tieku School